Toyota Retains Best ''Green'' Brand Crown

Toyota, Johnson & Johnson and Honda are the greenest brands in the world, according to Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Green Brands 2012’ report, while no Australian brands rated among the top 50 for green credentials.

The report, which uses consumer research and environmental practice performance data provided by Deloitte to arrive at its conclusions, found that most industries around the world are taking steps to sustainability and their degree of external reporting, with automotive and technology brands leading the pack.

Global CEO of Interbrand, Jez Frampton says sustainability is now proving to be a strategic and profitable aspect of business and a brand-strengthening asset. “It is crucial that consumers’ impressions of a brand are in close alignment with that brand’s actual environmental performance. Otherwise, a brand’s efforts in this area could serve as an under-utilised asset, or, conversely, suffer due to accusations of ‘greenwashing.’”

Toyota maintains the number one spot in the rankings this year. The manufacturer’s original Prius model, the primary launch pad for Toyota’s green image, has recently been expanded to encompass an entire family of sustainable automobiles, including the company’s first plug?in model.

Seven other automotive brands appear in this year’s top 50, with three more ranking in the top 10 – Honda, in third spot, Volkswagen in fourth and BMW in tenth. Ford (15th), Mercedes?Benz (16th), Hyundai (17th), and Nissan (21th) also performed well. Investment in developing and marketing fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles appears to be paying off for the auto sector, which made gains both in terms of performance and consumer perceptions for their green practices.


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