What's a Demonstrator?

When shopping for a new vehicle, you may have noticed the existence of demonstrator vehicles or, more commonly known as, demos. The purchase of a demo may be an interesting solution when looking for a brand new vehicle and could potentially help you save big.

By definition, a demonstrator is a new vehicle that already took the road for up to 10,000 kilometers, for our customers' test drives or commuting privileged employees for example.

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What to Know About Demonstrators

Reduced Price

Based on the vehicle's depreciation, the vehicle price is lowered, resulting in a rebate of up to 10% of the original MRSP.

Vehicle Wear

From time to time, demos will show signs of light wear due to the presence of the vehicle on the road. Rest assured, our price reflect these damages, and all major repairs have been operated.

Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer warranty is applicable to all demonstrators. Due to the vehicle's previous use, keep in mind that the warranty's duration is slightly shortened.

Before You Buy a Demo

In the end, the purchase of a demo vehicle can help you save greatly. Obviously, some specific elements distinguish it from a regular new vehicle. Therefore, we recommend that you learn about the vehicle as much as possible in order to make a thorough decision and avoid surprises.

For example, a vehicle's warranty is activated on the day it is commissioned. Don't hesitate to ask this date to your representative, it will be a pleasure to provide all details relative to these vehicles.

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