Payment Options

For most of our clients, purchasing a vehicle is the second most important spending of their lives. Therefore, we pride ourselves into allowing you to acquire your dream car or the one that will answer all your needs by proposing flexible payment options that will adapt to your financial situation.

Buying with Financing

During the process of purchasing your vehicle, you will meet with a financial director who will establish a loan with a bank or your vehicle's manufacturer. From there, all that's left to do is choosing the establishment that offers the best interest rate and pay your monthly payment.


Leasing a vehicle is an interesting option for all who desire a new vehicle without the hassle of reselling it. In other words, the vehicle remains the property of the dealership who allows you to commute with it in exchange of a monthly payment based on the vehicle value, its residual value, the contract term (duration), the interest rate, and all extras added to the vehicle (ie: extended warranty, additional protections, accessories, etc.)

Cash Purchase

Like buying fruits at the supermarket, you can leave our dealership with a vehicle after checking out and paying with the payment option of your choosing:

  • Certified check
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash

Farewell, monthly payments! You are free to use your vehicle as you please for as long as you like.

FinancingLeasingCash Purchase
Vehicle TypeNew / Demo / Pre-Owned / CertifiedNew / DemoNew / Demo / Pre-Owned / Certified
Vehicle OwnershipYouManufacturerYou
Contract LengthPre-DefinedPre-DefinedNo End
Monthly PaymentXX
Down PaymentXXX
Interest RatesXX